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betway官网登录  English Version  Students

International Civil Service Program (ICSP)

SchoolofEnglish Studies(SES)

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

In 2007, SISU initiated the program of ICSP. The program aims at developing elite multi-lingual graduates with proficiency in two foreign languages, a variety of expertise, critical thinking faculty and international vision. The graduates are expected to be qualified for work and leadership in international exchange and communication.
  The ICSP students, having met very strict standards for admission into SISU, are accepted into the program on a very limited basis each year. They are registered as a full-time undergraduate student at SES and can also apply for courses offered by other relevant colleges and departments at SISU for another foreign language (German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, etc.) and inter-disciplinary courses (Introduction to World Economy, International Economic Laws, etc.). SISU’s best academic resource is pooled to develop multilingual elites capable of work and leadership in international exchange and communication, in such fields as diplomacy, journalism, trade, international relations, economics, and cultural studies, in an increasingly globalized context.
  Students on ICSP program are offered individualized package of curricula according to their different specialties. The curricula comprise three parts: courses for the English language, courses for another foreign language (one of German, Japanese, Russian, French and Spanish), and inter-disciplinary courses. The program is on a four-year basis and, upon graduation, with all requirements met, students are granted the Bachelor’s Degree in English-Chinese Translation.

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