Summer Chinese Culture Program 2015
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         Summer Chinese Culture Program 2015

                        Feeling China: An Exploration of Chinese Culture

                                     (July 13 – July 31, 2015), Shanghai

For thousands of years, China has been an important contributor to the diversity and splendor of the world’scivilization. Despite its acknowledged significance as an economic andpolitical power, much less is known about the country, and much more is to beexplored, to be felt, to be understood and to be appreciated. In thisincreasingly interconnected world, to maintain a truly global perspective, anunderstanding of China is just indispensible.

Internationalstudents on this program shall attend 18 well-knit lectures (all in English),as well as 3 substantially-contented workshops. Overseas students and SISUstudents shall work together on the program toward a better understanding ofChina, Chinese culture and how it relates to the world.

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China on the eastern coastline. Located in the downtown of this affluent, exciting and glamorous city, SISU is next to many of the great cultural, socialand entertainment attractions which Shanghai has to offer. We look forward tohaving international students on SISU campus for “Feeling China: An Exploration of Chinese Culture, 2015”.

Program Features:

?A clear focus on Chinese culture;

?All lectures, workshops and other teaching activities conducted in English;

?Carefully designed immersion activities and excursions;

?Lectures delivered by qualified faculty at SISU;

?Discussions with the participation of SISU students and faculty;

?Full-time participation of SISU undergraduate students on the same program;

?Access to various optional hands-on courses.

Program Schedule

Program Dates


Registration Date


July 13 - July 31, 2015


July 10 Friday, 2015

RMB 3,900

Application period: Before May 20, applicants can get JW202 form and Acceptance Letter. After May 20, applicants can get Acceptance Letter by fax or email but should apply for a tourist visa to China by himself.

Participant Qualifications:

The Program is open to applicants of anyacademic background, in good health, and with reliable financial support and custody (if necessary). No proficiency in the Chinese language is required.

Visa Requirements:

Upon the completion of the applicationprocess, SISU issues acceptance letters and JW202 forms to applicants. With these documents, applicants go to the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate forvisa application (X2 only).

(Be sure to have all the documents back after the visa application, which will be required for applying for a residence permit in China.)

Application Steps:

For successful application, please submit the following materials before May 20th,2015:

1.Completed application form with the applicant’s signature and with the signature of the applicant’s emergency contact person

2.Photocopy of passport photo-id page and 3 passport sized photos (125px*100px);

3.Applicationfee: 450 RMB (or 75 USD)

(Application fee is non-refundable, payable in cash or remittance (T/T). Checks are not acceptable.)

A remittance with the applicant’s name mustbe made payable to:

Beneficiary Name:

Shanghai International Studies University

A/C No.:



Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Shangwai Sub-Branch

Swift Code:


Bank Address:

566 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai, P. R. China

All the above-mentioned application materials including the voucher of remittance, which will not be returned, must be sentby registered or express mail to:

Schoolof English Studies

Shanghai International Studies University

Room320, Teaching Building 1

550Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, P. R. China

(Please do not enclose cash in your envelope.)


Applicants shall bring the Acceptance Letter, Form JW202 and passport to register with SISU on July 10th, 2015. On the registration day, applicants pay accommodation fee (exchange students from partner schools do not need to pay the accommodation fee). If one cannot register as required, he/she has to inform the Office of International Student Affairs and the School of English Studies in advance. Those who are late without reason will be disqualified for enrollment.

Contact Information

School of English StudiesSES

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

550 Dalian Road (W), Shanghai 200083, P. R. China

Tel:+86 21 3537 2433

Fax:+86 21 3537 2556





1) SISU Guesthouse: an18-storey building, built in 2000 and refurnished in 2011, located on campus,with such facilities as a cafeteria, a grocery, a beauty parlor, and an ATM.Both double rooms and single rooms are available. Each room is equipped with central air-conditioning, a private bathroom, a telephone, a TV set, internet access, etc. There’s a communal use kitchen on each floor, with a washingmachine, a fridge and a microwave oven.

Double room 80 RMB/person/day; Single room:130 RMB/day; Superior Single room: 160 RMB/day.

2) SISU Hotel: an18-storey building, built in 1996, located at 555 Chifeng Road, HongkouDistrict, with a distance of 5-minute walk from the campus. The Hotel, equipped with central air-conditioning, has a cafeteria inside, a grocery and a beauty parlor. Both double rooms and single room are available. Each room has aprivate bathroom, a telephone, a TV set, internet access, etc.

Double room: 70 RMB/person/day; Single room:140 RMB/day.

3) Foreign Experts’ Building: amultiple-storey building built in 1994, located at 121 Guangling No.1 Road, Hongkou District, with a distance of ten-minute walk from the campus. Both double rooms and single rooms are available. Each room has an air-conditioner,a private bath, a telephone, a TV set and internet access.

Double room: 60 RMB /person/day; Single room:100 RMB/day.

*The Office of International Student Affairsand the School of English Studies of Shanghai International Studies Universityreserve the right to explain the items of this brochure.

Application form-2015-Summer Program.doc

Student Handbook--2014(to be updated).pdf

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